Our Mission

Our Mission

We partner with schools to address unmet staffing needs with available talent from the community. In fact, many of the subject matter experts we recruit for our program bring their expertise directly from the workforce to the classroom.

By helping qualified professionals translate their skills to adjunct teaching positions, we are adding value for students, schools, and districts alike. For students, our approach affords the immeasurable advantage of learning from educators with field experience, as well as exemplary records as teachers of the discipline. For schools and districts, our model allows administrators to better utilize finite resources, including personnel, equipment, and funding.

From onboarding to end-of-year evaluation, we personally oversee the growth of every professional who is accepted to our program. That way, our partner schools can focus on what really matters: helping students navigate this important phase of their academic journey.


Professionals Teach is designed to address the growing need for course matter experts in math, science, foreign languages, and other hard-to-staff areas. Because careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) represent the fastest growing occupations in the country, these subjects take priority in education throughout the nation.

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Teach with us.

Whether you specialize in French, engineering, two-dimensional art, or hip hop, there is a place to share your expertise with students who are eager to learn.

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Find a professional.

Our network is diverse and extensive. No matter the subject or teaching schedule, we will find the perfect educator for your institution.

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