For Schools

Our program serves more than 300 students in Tennessee and counting. To equip industry experts with the tools to lead a classroom, we incorporate a combination of techniques, including teacher education, mentoring, induction, and professional development. We encourage the professionals in our program to bring lesson plans to life by sharing relevant insights and anecdotes from the field. This keeps students engaged and excited to learn.

Certified, full-time teachers play an important role in the ecosystem of secondary school education. Adjunct licensure through Professionals Teach is not designed to replace or negate comprehensive teacher certification programs. Rather, our work is meant to supplement the valuable contributions of full-time faculty members.

Through their landmark “Project on the Next Generation of Teachers,” Harvard’s Graduate School of Education has conducted extensive research on alternative teacher certification programs. Their findings indicate that locally grounded programs not only allow for adaptation to specific needs and practices, but also enhance the quality of those programs ten-fold.

We begin our work with new school districts by meeting to set up the pay structure and review administrative fees. During that meeting, we will also review on-boarding procedures and incorporate any special requirements of the school system.

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